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This site was created to support readers of the Pocket Linux Guide. It has information about the latest version of the Pocket Linux Guide, the mailing list, troubleshooting forum and downloadable diskette images.

News and Announcements

Latest Version

Don't get stuck with outdated information. The Pocket Linux Guide is often being updated to make building the project as smooth as possible. Be sure to obtain the latest version and check the errata for any last minute corrections.

The latest English language version of the guide can be found at The Linux Documentation Project home page. The direct link to the guide is:

There is also a sharp looking online version of the guide published on the Fultus web site.

Mailing List

Got questions about Pocket Linux? Need help troubleshooting? A mailing list for discussions involving Pocket Linux is available at: Please consider subscribing to the list even if you don't have any questions. The more people who get involved, the better the experience will be for everyone.

Thanks go out to Tastytronic for hosting the list.

Related Projects

Using GRUB as the boot loader in pocket linux. by Rick Stocker
This document is an alternative to Chapter 2 of the 2.1 and earlier versions Pocket Linux Guide, in that GRUB is the bootloader program rather than LILO.

The GNU/Linux System Architect Toolkit. by David Horton
This project builds upon the Pocket Linux Guide and is for readers interested in creating a more full-featured system.

Additional Projects are also available in a less formal, web forum format.

Want to show off your own project? If you have started a project based on what you have learned in the Pocket Linux Guide and it's on the web, please send me a link. Or you may want to try the easy to use SourceForge forum to post details about your project. Please share your ideas so that everyone can continue learning.

Kernel Configs & Diskette Images

Kernel config files are available courtesy of Paolo Andreoni. There is a minimal config with just the basics and also a more full-featured config file. Both are for the 2.4.x kernel.

Looking for a downloadable image? The idea behind Pocket Linux is to learn by building it yourself. But let's face it, sometimes we just get stuck. So to help out with those times when the error is very elusive there are some diskette images available below.

These images are from version 2.1 of the guide and have not been updated to the 3.0 version yet.

These images are ready to be written directly to floppy using either the Linux 'dd' command or the win32 'rawrite' utility. Do not decompress the .gz images, write them directly to floppy.

Also pay attention to the fact that some web browsers will interpret these files as text. So if you end up with a window full of strange characters, go back and try "right-click, save target as" or the equivilent.

Source code for the programs used on the diskette images is available from the GNU/Linux System Architect project page listed above.


Got an idea to improve the Pocket Linux Guide? Please send feedback concerning the guide and the resource site to the mailing list mentioned above.

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